NASA Glenn Technology Pumps Hope into Broken Hearts

Dr. Mark Rodefeld knows the hearts of children.  As a pediatric heart surgeon at Indiana University, he’s spent decades fixing them. One particular heart problem has consumed much of his research and he has reached out to NASA Glenn Research Center to help him solve it.

Congenital Heart Walk - Broad Ripple Magazine

With the Congenital Heart Walk, thanks to Dr. Rodefeld and his research, the money raised by the Walk stays in Indiana. Dr. Rodefeld’s grant was $100,000, but for the expensive nature of the device he has created, much more is needed to move the device forward to trials and improvements.


Heart Pump Motor Animation

When children are born with half a heart, they need medical intervention to stay alive. This animation shows how a heart pump motor, using NASA Glenn’s flywheel technology, can work as part of a system being developed to help patients live into adulthood.

Bret Baier Interviews Dr. Richard Jonas

Fox News Anchor, Bret Baier interviews Richard Jonas, Division Chief, Cardiac Surgery at Children’s National Medical Center and Dr. Jonas mentions of the concept of a Fontan blood pump.
(The mention is at about the 17 minute mark.)